Sunday, January 22, 2023

Week #3

I'm still on-the-fence about many aspects of this project, including whether or not to continue putting actual maps and room keys on this blog. Also whether or not to continue including stats for both OSR and FAGE. The latter is becoming difficult as FAGE requires a lot more space for creature stats and many places for ability checks that OSR rules usually omit. FAGE also uses a silver standard for coinage, while most OSR titles use gold. I've simply been describing treasure value as "coins".

I have completed through location 22 and am having fun creating low-powered magical items for the party to find. The idea of single-use items is something I am stealing from the Cypher System.

Favorite monsters in this area include Skeletal Librarians and Moth-men. In keeping with the sword & sorcery theme, I am avoiding goblins, kobolds, or any other humanoids that one generally encounters in a low-level D&D dungeon.

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